Armstrong CF2400 V2 Foil Kit


Foil type

Carving freeride foil


Beginner/Light wind

Foil description

The CF2400 V2 Foil wing from Armstrong is a perfect first foil wing for all Foil sports, including Wing Foiling, Kitesurfing, Surf/SUP Foiling and Wind Foiling. With a large surface area, the Armstrong CF2400 V2 can get you foiling at very low speeds, which makes it great for learning. As well as incredible glide and lift, the CF2400 V2 is one of the most stable foils on the market.

The CF2400 V2 Foil wing is an excellent foil for heavier riders in smaller conditions or lighter winds or for beginners. If you have the CF2400 V2 in your foil quiver, there are very few days you won’t be able to get in the water.

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