The Blueball


The Blueball turns on on rail like a shortboard and glides over fat sections like a fish. Great fun for those lazy summer days.

Wave Range 2-5ft

Ride 3-5″ shorter than your standard shortboard.

Details  Low overall rocker, soft forgiving rails, full volume  combined with a modern tail shape and a single to double concave.

Options Comes with rounded square tail as standard. Other tail shapes, dimensions, inlays etc available custom order.

Not Sure? Email or phone us for advice on (09) 488 0165

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Construction The Blueball is available in Futurelite or standard PU construction.
Choose from stock dimensions or custom order.

Fin Setup Available in standard thruster configuration or 4+1 for thruster or quad versatility.

Fins not included Purchase with fins and receive a 20% discount on your fin purchase.

Gaurantee All Primal Surfboards are custom built in our Takapuna factory and are quality guaranteed.
There’s over 50 years experience under one roof..

Delivery Please allow four weeks for construction & delivery.
*Delivery only available in NZ. For international delivery please contact us for more details.