Billy Starimand – pic CPL

Futurelite Technology

“In 2009 World Tour Campaigner Josh Kerr created a sensation at the Trestles Hurley Pro riding a Futurelite.”CPL , Frontside Media Ltd

Super light and super responsive,Futurelite surfboards are the latest in EPS Epoxy technology. Primal has been nominated by Callaghan Innovation for the 2015 NZ Innovators award for our development of futurelite tchnology.
Carbon fibre parabolic rails provide the perfect balance of flex and strength that keeps its integrity over time. With countless hours of research and testing under our belts with some of NZ’s top surfers and shapers there is now an epoxy board that rivals traditional PU construction.
Billy Stairmand won the Pantin WQS on a Futurelite in 2011 and has been crowned NZ Open Champ twice in 2011 and 2012 riding Futurelites. The technology is proven at the elite level.