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  • rockhpopper logo
    The Speedbump – Performance never looked so small!
    Details Small in length & high in volume, the speedbump is made for high performance in marginal conditions.
    Wave Range 1-3ft Ride 5-9″ shorter than your standard shortboard.

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  • rockhpopper logo
    The Rockhopper – Your one board quiver.
    Featuring Little Stranger Waves Inlay by Catrina Lloyd. *Inlay not included as standard. Details The full forward outline allows the board to gain speed easily while the pulled in tail makes it easy to turn in a variety of conditions. Wave Range 1.5-6ft Ride 5-8″ shorter than your standard shortboard.

    $825.00$1,025.00 Select options

  • Traditional Longboard Logo
    The Noserider – Modern Tradition..
    Details Built for cruising, the noserider borrows from past and present surfboard design. Featuring a Beveled nose concave that runs into soft eggy rails and a rolled vee that flows through to the tail and high apex rails. The result is a board that flows smoothly from rail to rail, gains momentum easily and holds tight to the wave face while riding the nose. Wave Range 0- 3ft

    $1,335.00$1,435.00 Select options

  • staypuft logo
    The Staypuft – Fun!!
    Details The Staypuft glides like a longboard and has a shortboard rail line so you can spend your time getting busy in the pocket. Great small wave board for the quiver and a perfect board to learn on. Wave Range 0- 3ft

    $865.00$985.00 Select options

  • HPR logo
    HPR – Modern high performance shortboard.
    Details The latest high performance shortboard. With more width and tail concave than it’s predecessor -the HPS, the HPR achieves quicker acceleration while maintaining the same curvy rail line. This combined with a refined profile & rail makes the HPR super responsive. Vector net (and reconfigured carbon tail stringers- futurelite only) are used in the tail area for added strength and a more positive flex pattern. Available in squash and swallow tail. Wave Range 2- 6ft

    $825.00$1,025.00 Select options

  • blueball_logo
    The Blueball – Small wave performance!
    Featuring Little Stranger Cubes Inlay by Catrina Lloyd. *Inlay not included as standard. Details The Blueball turns on on rail like a shortboard and glides over fat sections like a fish. Great for performance surfing in marginal conditions. Wave Range 1-4ft Ride 3-6″ shorter than your standard shortboard.

    $825.00$1,025.00 Select options

  • sidewinder logo
    The Sidewinder – All round reliability.
    Details This model is the staple all round shortboard. The bottom rocker and conventional single to double concave is similar to the HPR shortboard. The tail lift is slightly reduced with a low vee out the tail. This gives good holding in size and flow over the flat sections. The extra width ups the volume to keep the big guys afloat and great range in small to larger surf. Available Round pin, swallow and squash tail. Wave Range 2- 6ft

    $825.00$985.00 Select options

  • ace logo
    The Ace – when your shortboard is too short.
    Details The ace is a modern step up board (formerly known as a gun)built to perform in solid surf. Curvy and refined, the ace comes alive in solid conditions. Wave Range 4-10ft Ride 3-6″ longer and 1-8 litres more volume than your standard shortboard.

    $825.00$985.00 Select options

  • Performance Longboard logo
    Performance Longboard – A wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    Details The Performance Longboard is built for manuverability. Super curvy with refined rails with bottom contours built for high performance surfing and noseriding Wave Range 0-6ft

    $1,335.00$1,435.00 Select options

Surfshop & Factory

Talk with a shaper for the best advice around- there’s over 60 years of crusty experience under one roof.
See who we are here.
We’re Aucklands only combined surfshop and factory & can help you to surf your best!
Measuring a board
Click & drag on the image to look around our shop!


We have new boards from $585 and custom made surfboards start from as little as $825.
There is also a wide range of second hand boards, some online here


We stock a wide range of the latest O’neill wetsuits, booties & more.
We’ve always got some great specials on!


Everything you need for the surf!

From $39 for a full set, we stock single, twin, thruster & five fin sets from Futures, FCS, FCS 2, True Ames, Shapers, and Curve fins.
Possibly the best selection around from Gorilla grip, Creatures of Leisure, Sticky Johnson & Komunity.
From as little as $35. comp, big wave, longboard leashes & everything in between From Creatures of Leisure, Komunity, FCS & Sticky Johnson.
Boardbags from Komunity, Curve, Creatures of Leisure & FCS, wax, soft racks, sunscreen, surf hats, t-shirts, books and more.

Custom Surfboards

Surf your Best

We make ordering a new board simple.Come to us for the best advice choosing a board perfectly suited to your size, ability, and the conditions you surf.

Latest Technology

Primal is on the cutting edge of surfboard technology. CAD designed, CNC & robot cut made using only the best raw materials.

Total Control

Your board has a serial number & corresponding file so you can tweak your existing board or reproduce your magic one.

Add Some Colour

Pigments,Resin tints, custom sprays, full deck inlays of your own design or from local artists.

Custom Graphics

High quality large format digital inlays available from local artists or of your own design.

Order It!

You can order your new board in a variety of ways.
Email Glen or Steve.
Call us in the shop on (09) 488 0165.
Come see us in person!
54A Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna, Aukland.


Super light and super responsive, Futurelite surfboards are the latest in EPS Epoxy technology.
"In 2009 World Tour Campaigner Josh Kerr created a sensation at the Trestles Hurley Pro riding a Futurelite." -CPL, Frontside Media Ltd.
Primal has recently been nominated by Callaghan Innovation for the 2015 NZ Innovators award for our development of futurelite tchnology.
Read more here.

Only the best raw materials are used including high density eps, superclear epoxy resin & Aerilite cloth.

30% performance gain from interconnected fins. *source - fcs.

Carbon fibre parabolic stringers for spring that lasts.

We keep a digital copy of your board on file so you can replicate your magic board at any time.

Meet the team

  • Steve Hamlyn

    SURFBOARD – 6โ€™3 x 18 1/4 x 2 3/8 x 28 L Ace model futurelite
    Height: 5’8 Weight: 63kg

    Tell us about the board youโ€™re riding:
    Itโ€™s my go to board for when the waves get powerful. Itโ€™s got a drawn out rail line
    with a narrow pin tail which helps draw long lines and handle the speed you get in bigger surf. Iโ€™ve got around 5 litres
    more volume in this board than my regular board for getting in nice and early. I always get excited when iโ€™m waxing
    up this board!
    Whats in your quiver presently ?I try to split my quiver for wave types, so for ripples i’ve got a 10ft log, a 5โ€™7 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/8 x 24L swallow tail blueball for 2-3ft junk, my allround 5’11 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/8 x 23L hpr shorty which keeps me covered for most conditions.
  • Glen Carkeek

    WHERE Backdoor Pipe circa 1984
    We’re still trying to get GC out of the shaping bay to interview- watch this space!
  • Mark Robinson – Muz

    SURFBOARD – 9’1 x 23″ x 2 11/16″ x 63L Performance Longboard
    Height: 5’8 Weight: 63kg

    Tell us about the board youโ€™re riding:
    Itโ€™s my all round longboard. It’s got a bit of curve in it as i like to be able to turn it easily- it’s almost like a shortboard in the back half
    Speaking of that, i know that you ride a standard thruster configuration instead of the standard single fin box with side bites.I’m generally not noseriding so i like the livelyness that a thruster setup gives. I use the biggest solid glass fins i can find work best.
    I know that you’ve got a log in your quiver too, what sort of conditions do you like riding that in? When it’s small and gutless thel long rail line and extra weight gives some awesome glide for some fun rides and time on the nose.
  • Scott Squire

    SURFBOARD – 5’9 x 18 1/4″ x 2 1’4″ x 24 L
    Height: 5’9 Weight: 70kg

    You hail from Kerikeri, what makes a good east coast board? The east coast tends to be a bit softer so for those days Eps is a definate advantage because of it’s livelyness and float. Flatter wider fun boards are the go because you want to maximise your speed for big hacks!
    What was it like making boards for Taj Burrow? It was really critical to get the details right because he was so in tune with his boards. I’d make him 6 boards at a time which all had to be a certain weight and with indentations shaped into the deck where he stood.
  • Tom Mason

    SURFBOARD – 5’5 x 19 3/8″ x 2 1/8″ x 24 L Rockhopper futurelite
    Height: 5’9 Weight: 64kg

    Tell us about the rockhopper you’ve been travelling with:
    I’ve surfed it so much, from 1 foot trestles to maxing mexi pipe. I reckon for me it goes best on the super square beachies even if it’s 6ft it still handles. it’s been the perfect board to have tucked away in my quiver.
    And it’s still in one piece! Ha ha yeah..

    (Tom’s made demo-ing a board have two meanings
  • Connector.

    Glen Carkeek

    The man who started it all!
    Shaping all around the world with over 10,000 boards to his name. This man knows what works!!
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  • Connector.

    Steve Hamlyn

    Otherwise known as squeak, lives out west & shapes boards when the waves aren’t pumping!
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  • Connector.

    Mark Robinson

    aka muz, factory quality control, expert glasser, sander, storyteller with over 25 years experience, and is the current record holder of the Mirangi to Murrays midnight fun run.
    View more

  • Connector.

    Scott Squire

    Scotty joins us from Firewire Surfboards where his job was making Taj Burrow’s boards from start to finish. Shaped it glassed it sanded it the whole trip bra.
    View more

  • Connector.

    Tom Mason

    Frothy tom, the factory grom. Ak junior champ currently on hiatus stress testing surfboards in the US of A..
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Repair Services

  • before repair

  • after repair

We provide a top quality, professional repair service at competitive rates to the Auckland region.
We also sell repair kits.
Contact the shop on (09) 488-0165or
email factory@primalsurf.co.nz for more information.

Raw Materials

We also supply a full range of raw materials & service for surfboard manufacturing including-

  • Polyester / Epoxy Resin (manufacturers only)
  • Fibreglass Cloth
  • EPS & PU Surfboard Blanks
  • CNC Cutting Service
  • AKU Shaper / Shape 3D file creation / cutting
  • Fin Boxes / Deck Plugs
  • Contract Glassing/Sanding
  • Plus more, just ask..

Contact Details

Factory: 09 488 7523

Winter Hours
Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 5.30 pm.
Saturday: 9.30am – 3.00 pm.
Sunday: Closed

54a Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna 0622,

Postal Address
PO Box 33 1373,
Takapuna 0740,
Auckland, NZ